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The Game Master’s Handbook of Proactive Roleplaying – Out Now!

The book is finally here! As the newest entry in the popular Game Master’s series from Media Lab Books, it focuses on usable advice and memorable encounters. If you like the character-driven encounters and ideas on this site, you’ll enjoy the book.

The book is available at most major bookstores and retailers, but you can also order online at this link.

Free DnD 5e Encounters for Dungeon Masters

We’re the Quest Brothers, and we believe in high-quality encounter design that puts the adventuring party in charge of driving the fun of the game. We post free DnD 5e encounters every week for Dungeon Masters and adventuring parties of all experience levels. We use a framework called proactive role playing to inform every step of our design.

5e Encounter Design with Proactive Role Playing

For years, we ran hundreds of D&D games that followed the same pattern: read, adapt, or write an adventure for our players, then bring it to them to entertain them. That’s a pattern that leads to burnout and uninspired play. If your players always react to the situations you provide, you’re responsible for all the fun.

That all changed when we compared notes about each other’s games and realized that part of what makes a TTRPG feel exciting is acting on the world and seeing it respond to your actions. Over the next year and a half, we developed a framework that guides Game Masters through running games proactively instead of reactively and encourages high player investment.

This framework has transformed the way we run the game and reinvigorated our love for it.

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A resourceful and courageous goblin “inventor” named Grobnaz has obtained a large number of alchemy ingredients (via perfectly legal channels, of course) and is mixing them more or less at random, then trying to sell them to passing adventurers. You never…

The Slumbering Forest

When the forest starts to wake, the group can try to put it back to sleep…or chop it down.