Tag: humanoid

Death From Above

As the party travels through a desolate stretch of road in a dark forest, they are ambushed from above. Deadly arrows rain down as the party is taken unaware. Will they survive this lethal ambush?

Road Rage

A thief is staging an escape with a crucial item or person the party needs to secure safely—and they’ve taken a dangerous road to try and throw the group off.

Spell Warp

A wizard and his followers have created an extremely powerful spell capable of warping small aspects of reality to their favor. However, a powerful holy order is staging an attack, believing the mages are violating the sacred laws of the gods themselves…

A Tall Tale

A writer has arrived in town, hoping to find inspiration for the perfect book. Unfortunately, she’s decided that happenings in town are too boring and tries to create an exciting (and dangerous) situation to write about, much to the chagrin of those around her.

Hero Out of Time

A fabled chosen one who was defeated by a dark lord long ago has been hurled through time by a dark ritual. The hero appears in the time of your party and believes that the prophecy they set out to fulfill can still be achieved, but it’s a pretty vague prophecy, and the hero isn’t too bright.

Making Waves

A prominent ship captain was banished by the local navy of a powerful city-state (name suggestion: Greatwhelm) on the bay. Now, he has returned with a massive man-of-war, capable of leveling the city itself with cannon fire. He arrives at port to make a proclamation, backed by a number of his followers.