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An image of the sky with dnd aerial encounters.

Aerial Emergency

This week, we’ll learn how to run DnD aerial encounters. Up amongst the clouds, chaos reigns as a group of griffon-riding invaders try to conquer the mighty flying city of the cloud giants.

Death From Above

As the party travels through a desolate stretch of road in a dark forest, they are ambushed from above. Deadly arrows rain down as the party is taken unaware. Will they survive this lethal ambush?

Road Rage

A thief is staging an escape with a crucial item or person the party needs to secure safely—and they’ve taken a dangerous road to try and throw the group off.

Spell Warp

A wizard and his followers have created an extremely powerful spell capable of warping small aspects of reality to their favor. However, a powerful holy order is staging an attack, believing the mages are violating the sacred laws of the gods themselves…