Threads of Fate

How I got a spy, a possessed warrior, a hedge mage, and a monster hunter on the same track towards the content I had already prepped… instead of off the rails.

Lost in the Woods

Sometimes you need to isolate the party from the rest of the world to set up an interesting encounter. Here’s how I’d do that without it feeling like “railroading”.

Run For Your Life

Replace the recommended chase rules from the DMG with a simple skill challenge to add more excitement and less boredom to your chases, pursuits, and races!

Death From Above

As the party travels through a desolate stretch of road in a dark forest, they are ambushed from above. Deadly arrows rain down as the party is taken unaware. Will they survive this lethal ambush?

The Greatest of Us

An enchanted stone coffer sits locked at the bottom of an abandoned temple, and only those with knowledge of the temple’s ancient ways will be able to open it and claim the treasure within.