Category: Levels 1-4

Threads of Fate

How I got a spy, a possessed warrior, a hedge mage, and a monster hunter on the same track towards the content I had already prepped… instead of off the rails.

Run For Your Life

Replace the recommended chase rules from the DMG with a simple skill challenge to add more excitement and less boredom to your chases, pursuits, and races!

Road Rage

A thief is staging an escape with a crucial item or person the party needs to secure safely—and they’ve taken a dangerous road to try and throw the group off.

A Tall Tale

A writer has arrived in town, hoping to find inspiration for the perfect book. Unfortunately, she’s decided that happenings in town are too boring and tries to create an exciting (and dangerous) situation to write about, much to the chagrin of those around her.

Making Waves

A prominent ship captain was banished by the local navy of a powerful city-state (name suggestion: Greatwhelm) on the bay. Now, he has returned with a massive man-of-war, capable of leveling the city itself with cannon fire. He arrives at port to make a proclamation, backed by a number of his followers.


An intrepid young kobold by the name of Grubber has managed, through a mixture of luck and guile, to seize control of a town’s magical protectors: several suits of animated armor. The town now cowers beneath her tyrannical rule, as the misguided new mayor attempts to “improve” the town.