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Using These Free DnD Encounters

To use this archive of free DnD encounters, select your party’s level range from the menu below. You can view all DnD encounters in that range, or narrow your search with tags. Click through a few encounter posts to see the common tags we use.

Some encounters use custom stat blocks, but others link to stat blocks on the free resources at D&D Beyond. You won’t need a D&D Beyond subscription to run any of these encounters.

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Threads of Fate

How I got a spy, a possessed warrior, a hedge mage, and a monster hunter on the same track towards the content I had already prepped… instead of off the rails.

Lost in the Woods

Sometimes you need to isolate the party from the rest of the world to set up an interesting encounter. Here’s how I’d do that without it feeling like “railroading”.

Run For Your Life

Replace the recommended chase rules from the DMG with a simple skill challenge to add more excitement and less boredom to your chases, pursuits, and races!